Our team are patiently waiting to bring your grimmest nightmares to life through your own personal photoshoot

We are an established group who opened business back in May 2010, but quickly discovered our passion for horror merged seamlessly with our passion for photography. After many beautifully warped shoots and magazine publications we have decided to separate this part of our business and focus on building NIGHTMARE FUEL!!

Anything hideously dark, monstrously grotesque, sadistically twisted, dripping with gore, purely demonic and downright unsettling is where we are at!!

We absolutely love horror

Feel free to get in touch with any questions and ideas, we particularly enjoy the obscure and challenging queries

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Mr Drew Photography & Mr Droogle 

Drew Cunningham

Owner / Photographer

Drew Cunningham has been running photography businesses with a small team for the last 13yrs, which includes Mr Drew Photography, Mr Droogle and more recently Nightmare FUEL. Since a very young age Drew has been obsessed with grotesque monsters, mythological beasts, supernatural beings, religious entities, gorey evil creatures and generally anything horror. But having the oppurtunity to mix his love of photography and his love of horror has just been a beautifully warped awakening lol Horror shoots get so twisted and messy so fast!!

Sophie Alexandra Wilson

SFX Make Up Artist

Sophie Alexandra Wilson is a makeup and SFX artist based in Edinburgh who recently completed an HND in Makeup Artistry for TV, Film & Theatre studies. Having excelled during her time as student she is now enterting into freelance work as a professional MUA in Scotland. Working closely with Nightmare FUEL she hopes to explore the truly gory side of SFX and character makeup. She is a confident, creative and passionate artist with a love for abstract art, surrealistic art, mythology, macabre art, graphic novels, prosthetic creation and much more


Office Protector & Good Boy

Rescue dog Max has been in the UK for 4yrs now, originally he was from Transylvania, Romania. He spent 7yrs on the streets before he was found, cared for and rehomed by the lovely people at the Pack Project, who we most highly recommend!! He's our very hairy office protector who is always excited to meet new people...and get extra belly rubs. Definite good boy. Anytime Max is sent an email we give him an extra treat for being awesome :D

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